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FD1051061 Bumper Part image Fitting Position: Rear;
Chemical Properties: Paintable;
Surface: Primed;
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with holder;
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with roof rails;
not for equipment variant: Sport;
Weight [kg]: 5,86 kg;
ArticleState: Normal;
Part information Part image Part weight = 5.860 - - -
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1 097 624 Н Bumper Part information Part weight = 9.500 EUR 323.33 1 7 / 10
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      Part information Part weight = 9.500 EUR 379.02 2 3 / 6
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1 Pienāk noliktavā katru pirmdienu, jāpasūta 3 - 4 darba dienas iepriekš. Piegādes laiks ir spēkā ja detaļa ir pieejama ražotāja noliktavā 
2 Price includes delivery until our warehouse in Riga. Delivery time is valid if part is available in stock. 
З Outdated spare part, replaced with the modern one 
Н New spare part, replacement for the old one